Save Energy and Make Money!

Do you want to save energy and make money on the way? Well, you are in luck. I recently started using OhmConnect, which is an intelligent program that works when you save energy. Learn and perhaps signup with their service using my link below. You will be awarded an extra $10 to signup. Besides, I received a free Google Mini and TP-Link Wifi plug, just for signing up.

Find out more about OhmConnect! don't let free stuff pass you by, along the way help the environment!

Here is my OhmConnect Snapshot as of now. I am doing decent, I continue to strive to save energy save some money on the way!

More on OhmConnect

OhmConnect is a free service that pays you to save energy. About once per week, the energy operators pay OhmConnect to save energy, instead of paying a power plant to produce more power. OhmConnect then passes these savings to anyone who can reduce electricity during that time. You can read a short article about how this works here.

To improve convenience and ease of participation, many of our community members requested that we automate their smart home devices to automagically participate during #OhmHours. We realized that we can help you save more energy automatically by providing high quality WiFi thermostats, electric car chargers, and smart plugs at very low cost.