Buy a Tesla

Below is the current Tesla models - S3XY

  • Tesla cars minimum price without any incentives as of July 13, 2020
  • Model S $74,990
  • Model 3 $35,000
  • Model X $79,990
  • Model Y $49,900

All Tesla offeres -

  • Unmatched Safety
  • Ludicrous Acceleration
  • Autopilot
  • Cutting-Edge Tech
  • Wicked Style
  • Supercharging
  • 100% Electric

No matter what is your fancy, there is something for everyone -

You are concerned about the environment

The main difference is powering. If gas is the number one fuel for cars around the world, Tesla cars are using electricity as their fuel. This makes a huge impact on the environment pollution as electricity lives no trace whatsoever in the air and the noise is minimal. Aside from air pollution, cities are battling with enormous sound pollution, and if cars become powered by electricity globally, a lot of the environmental problems will be solved just with this change.

Reference Future Energy Forum


Here are several postings from regular people like you and me regarding their experience driving a Tesla

Reference Tesla Forum

Autonomous Driving

If you are interested in autonomous driving, Tesla's autonomous technology is by far much further than its competition; this declaration is known to be true even with the Tesla competitors. The article below details how close Tesla is, delivering a fully self-driving experience.

Reference: Observer

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