About this site

This site was developed using .Net Core 3.1 with a MVC pattern. It is hosted in Azure with My MSDN Professional Subscription allowance. The site code name is Martingale which is also the name of my Model 3. You may know Martingale Boosting is a Machine Learning technique. In Summary, Martingale boosting is a simple and easily understood technique with a simple and easily understood analysis. A slight variant of the approach provably achieves optimal accuracy in the presence of random misclassification noise.

Recent Updates...

An implementation of CAS (Central Authentication Service) utilizing AspNetCore.Security.CAS. Currently, if you click on the Authorized User link, and you go to https://yaheya.com (sorry self-signed SSL cert will have to do for now), you will notice an integration of Single-Sign-On utilizing Central Authentication Services.

UX was accomplished utilizing BootSwatch and mostly copy paste from the internet as far as design is concerned.