My Model ≡

Model 3 : Midnight Silver Metalic

On March 31, 2016, I ordered My Model 3. After a long 2 years 4 months of wait. I took delivery of My Model 3 on July 10, 2018. I love this car, or should I say this Robot car!

Here is a video my daughter made on the ocasion. I hope to post a lot of EV knowledge in this section!

Current version of my firmware is 2021.04.18.2


6/22/2020 Tesla finally delivered the Model 3P Zero-G Wheels to its referral customers. These wheels are amazing! Thanks to all of the users who used my referral code. My daughter and I captured the event in a youtobue video. You can watch it right here

6/24/2020 I ordered a Model Y! This will be our second Tesla and break away from ICE cars. I am so excited! We will be awaiting the standard range battery version

7/2/2020 I have an appointment tomorrow to get my A/C cabin filter changed for My model 3. I was quoted about 76 dollars for it. I am not even sure, I needed it. But the car has treated me so well, I just wanted to keep it as new as possible. Note, this is the only maintenance I have done on my Model 3 in 24 months!!