Closing Bell 07-07-2022

Published on: July 7, 2022 | Reading Time: 2 min | Last Modified: July 7, 2022


Market Summary

S&P 5003,902.6257.541.50
Russel 2K1,769.6042.062.43

A massive green day today - finally! All indices are up and VIX dropping. China considers massive 250 billion dollar stimulus with historic bond sales. This news helped various chinese and us stocks that have business in China such as Tesla.

Shares of Tesla Inc. TSLA, +5.53% advanced 5.53% to $733.63 today, on what proved to be an all-around positive trading session for the stock market. Tesla Inc. closed $509.86 short of its 52-week high ($1,243.49), which the company achieved on November 4th.

NIO stock soared today with more than 8 percent gain. NIO is trading 72 percent higher from its recent low on May 12. That is a significant upward price movement. I am hopeful NIO will end up 30 dollars or more by end of 2022.

I am still not convinced this upward trajectory is here to stay. I think we will experience more downward pressure.


  • Be prepared for recession that is now in my opinion inevitable - agreed by most analyst.
  • Timing the market is nearly impossible!


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