My reflections on Suratul Taha

Published on: August 2, 2022 | Reading Time: 2 min | Last Modified: August 2, 2022


This post is different than what I have usually post.

The sura is Taha in Quran, and the sura summarizes the entire adventure when Allah appeared to Prophet Musa in the holy mountains of Tuwa.

In a few consecutive Ayaat, the sura describes the conversation between Allah and Musa. One of these conversations that touches me the most is when Allah asked Musa to go to Feraun to spread his word. Musa asks Allah, among other wishes, to remove his stutter and give him strength so that his voice and appearance are convincible to Feraun. Allah accepts his desire and says, “All that you requested has been granted, O Moses! " instantaneously.

Imagine for a second the magnitude of this event. You are standing in front of all merciful and generous Allah, having a dialogue with him, asking for your needs, and instantly they are granted.

While we probably will not meet Allah in this world, we may not get the granted assurance from Allah instantly either. Nevertheless, Allah says, “So remember me, I will remember you.” The Ayaat essentially means the same wish-granting promise as Musa, except perhaps we are not hearing or feeling the presence of Allah just in front of us.

Our duas are one of the highest Ibadah we can perform and one that Allah prefers. We should never go astray from it and have faith that they are all being heard, and in time we will get the appropriate response that is best for us.

We are all struggling in our lives one way or the other. I hope this post encourages you that you are not alone and that Allah is waiting to hear from you; you have to call him!

Here is the quotation from Quran, the specific ayah discussed in post -

  • 20:24 Go to Pharaoh, for he has truly transgressed all bounds.
  • 20:25 Moses prayed, “My Lord! Uplift my heart for me,
  • 20:26 and make my task easy,
  • 20:27 and remove the impediment from my tongue
  • 20:28 so people may understand my speech,
  • 20:29 and grant me a helper from my family,
  • 20:30 Aaron, my brother.
  • 20:31 Strengthen me through him,
  • 20:32 and let him share my task,
  • 20:33 so that we may glorify You much
  • 20:34 and remember You much,
  • 20:35 for truly You have ˹always˺ been overseeing us.”
  • 20:36 Allah responded, “All that you requested has been granted, O Moses!

And here is Raad Mohammad reciting sura Taha like no other -

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